Gluten free protein flapjacks

Gluten Free Protein Flapjacks – for my lover, Jonno

January 1, 2015 by: bright-admin Bites, Breakfast, Fitness Fuel, Free From, Gluten Free, Healthy Alternative

Right, it’s the new year. Gym membership renewed. Gluten Free Protein Flapjacks made. Myself and my boyfriend, Jonno, are getting back onto a health kick. I’m quite a keen gym-er, as is Jonno, we have to be with the amount of cakes and biscuits that are always floating around our kitchen!
For a while I’ve been making Jonno protein shakes and he often buys protein bars for before/after a hard gym sesh. Has anyone noticed how blooming expensive protein bars are?!!! Ridiculous. So I decided to make some homemade ones, determined I can make a massive batch for cheaper and with less sugar. Maybe I should rename them, “cheaper, no refined sugar” gluten free protein flapjacks…maybe too long…
Anyway, I’m not fussed about adding whey protein into my diet, so I’d make a whey free batch for myself and swap the whey for about 75g of ground nuts. For a more ‘natural’ protein hit. But that’s up to you! Also, these are great mid morning snacks, lots of oats to keep you going and keep you strong when that kit kat chunky is staring at you.
Be strong bakers – we can get through January.

Ingredients For Gluten Free Protein Flapjacks

450g gluten free oats
150g plain or vanilla whey protein – or swap for 75g of nuts, whizzed in a food processor.
1 tsp ground cinnamon
120g peanut butter
70g honey
55g maple syrup (+ a bit extra for drizzling)
170ml almond milk (or coconut or normal)
20g pumpkin seeds

Line a 7″ by 9″ baking sheet with baking parchment

Makes 12 massive chunks or 15 average sized slices.

1) In a food processor (or your nutri bullet) whizz 250g of oats until they are very fine, like flour. Then in a large bowl, chuck in the whizzed oats, the remaining oats, whey (or nuts) and cinnamon. Mix with a wooden spoon until everything is evenly dispersed.

2) Plop in the peanut butter, honey, maple syrup and milk. I started mixing this together with a wooden spoon, so it didn’t go everywhere, but it is quite tough (really works your muscles!) so I finshed off mixing it together with the electric whisk. It will be sticky and thick. Don’t worry. Once everything is mixed, press it into your baking sheet, pour on seeds and drizzle with a little maple syrup and pop in the freezer for at least an hour.

3) Remove from the freezer and cut with a sharp knife into bite sized chunks. I keep my gluten free protein flapjacks in the fridge until it’s time to devour them….post work out. Obvs. :)

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