Coffee & Chocolate Mini Loaves

Coffee & Chocolate Mini Loaves

September 9, 2015 by: bright-admin Bites, Cake, Indulgent, Loaf, Traybake

My boyfriend’s Dad, Ian, is a coffee fiend…and I don’t think he would mind me saying that. So trips back to see his parents in Milton Keynes often inspire some baking. Therefore these, Coffee & Chocolate Mini Loaves, are for Ian. The man who helps with my blog, assists me in anything technical and plies me with Prosecco when I visit. Thank you Ian.

Ingredients for Coffee & Chocolate Mini Loaves

180g self raising flour
7tsp ground coffee/espresso coffee
1tbsp cocoa
200g unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
2 medium eggs (room temperature)
100g chocolate chips/broken up pieces (I used a mix of milk & dark)
6tbsp whole milk
100g white chocolate (or any chocolate of your choice)

Makes 12 Coffee & Chocolate Mini loaves

Pre heat oven to 180oC

One 12 hole mini loaf tray (if you don’t have one this can be made into a cake, cake tin: 8″)

1) In a medium bowl sift together the flour, coffee and cocoa. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Set aside.

2) In a large bowl whisk together the butter and sugar for at least 3-4 mins, until it is paler in colour. Add the eggs, one at a time, and whisk well.

3) Into the large bowl pour in half of your ‘flour/coffee mixture’ as well as 3tbsp of whole milk. Carefully fold together with a wooden spoon, until it only just comes together. Repeat with the remaining flour and milk. When this is done, add the chocolate chips/pieces and mix until they have been evenly dispersed.

4) Pour the mixture into the loaf tins until they are just over 3/4 full. Place on the middle shelf of the preheated oven for about 23-27 mins. Keep checking on them, they are done when a skewer inserted comes out clean and have started to brown a little round the edges. Leave to cool in the tin and then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

5) While these are cooling, melt your white chocolate (my preferred method for melting chocolate is here – go to number 11)

6) When the loaves have cooled, pour the chocolate over them. I’m not fancy, so I just used the back of a spoon and flicked it about. Technical.

There you have it…Coffee & Chocolate Mini Loaves, ready to devour.

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  • Rachel, You were right. I bloomin’ loved them!!

    • yay!! So glad they went down well, I’m actually thinking up another coffee recipe – which I’m suer will come your way sometime soon! x

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