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No, the title was not meant as a breaking bad parody, as my friend pointed out too late down the line…but a home for my ever increasing baking addiction, of which many seem to be catching…

Hello! I’m Rachel and professionally, I’m an actress, but while I’m ‘resting’ I’m a ‘home baker’. A term methinks Nigella would be happy with.

I, however, am definitely not Nigella and often find some recipes overly complicated or with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce, let alone find in my local shop. (If I had time to travel for specific luxurious ingredients, I would, but we’re all busy these days..or occasionally lazy… #FirstWorldProblems)

This became more evident when I wanted to bake myself healthy, find a healthier alternative, cut down on sugar/white flour/butter, however, I often couldn’t find (or afford!) these healthy alternative ingredients. So I thought I’d make my own recipes with ingredients that were readily available. (Well, they are in the London borough of Southwark anyway….)

‘Everything in moderation’ suits me well, that’s why I’ve got a mixture of ‘indulgent’ recipes and ‘lighter’ bakes. In a language I hope everyone will understand with ingredients everyone will be able to find.

Now, go scoff!

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